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The Aquatopia Café is now closed to the public, in the format that you have come to enjoy over the past 18 months.  We thank you for your patronage and hope that you will continue to support us as we embark on the next chapter of our journey, rebranded as the Aquatopia Bistro!


Introducing the Aquatopia Bistro!

Since opening Aquatopia Café 18 months ago with much success & acclaim, our venue is in increasingly high demand with many customers now seeking a unique private space where they can host intimate dinners & luncheons, small receptions, cocktail parties & other celebrations. In response, Aquatopia Café will be closed for service to the general public starting Monday, October 23, 2017 as we launch our exciting new dining concept – Aquatopia Bistro!

Aquatopia Bistro is a dining experience unlike any other in Canada. Now you can host your very own private gourmet dinner event under the stars, or gather with a group of friends or family for a delicious luncheon, all while surrounded a sun-bathed, glass-enclosed tropical paradise. Relax, delight and entertain your guests while we serve and indulge you with grace and style.

We are now accepting group reservations for up to 50 guests. For more information call our events department at 613-225-7663 ext 2, or email us at info@aquatopiaevents.com